Secure DevOps

What is DevSecOps?

Efficient DevSecOps embeds automated security methodologies at the inception of an application to make it more robust and reliable. This built-in security function ensures that the best practice of discovery, remedy and prevention is an ongoing circular process for security posture.


71% of it professionals feel that their teams currently lack adequate working knowledge of devsecops practices.

Why is DevSecOps important?
DevSecOps practices are proactive in nature to ensure that new software is released more quickly, more frequently and more safely with fewer flaws. With perpetual monitoring and threat assessment, the DevOps function becomes more streamlined, receptive and efficient through informative consequence management.

Secure DevOps seeks to move the traditional security team closer to DevOps to ensure appropriate security measures are factored in at every stage of app development

Nine out of ten web applications have security flaws that can be exploited by malicious attackers, and developers face a rapidly evolving threat landscape thanks to the constant discovery of new vulnerabilities and the development of AI hacking tools.

Secure DevOps is a methodology to make your application more secure by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities during development, rather than after.

By moving closer to DevOps, security adopts the agile methodology to shorten development life cycles, provide for continuous improvement and deliver high quality, secure software.

Traditionally, security has been applied as a final stage in software development, after all components of the project have been established, including database architecture, functional code and user experience.

Retrofitting security at the end of a project can mean either significant code changes and project delays or accepting compromises in the integrity of your application.

By factoring in Secure DevOps from project inception (or as early as is feasible) you ensure that security is at the heart of your application design.

Taking a Secure DevOps approach to application development ensures that all stages of the project – including design, development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance – work together to make a safe and secure product for you and your customers.

We use a range of tools and techniques – including design and code reviews, blackbox testing, and automated analysis – to test your application at every stage of development.

Working with your DevOps team, the experienced analysts at Bramfitt will identify security vulnerabilities, recommend measures to fix them and work with you to secure your applications.

Bramfitt understands DevOps and security. Our team has worked for leading brands and have a wealth of experience to bring to bear on Secure DevOps.

We save you time and money through our relentless focus on security by design – working with you to secure your projects from concept and design to development and deployment.

And unlike some other consultancies, we are very hands-on which means we don’t just generate reports and recommend security standards but also write code, run tests and develop a partnership that fits with how your team works.

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