• Identify and assess vulnerabilities in software applications running on client devices

  • Business owner controls smart thermostat in offiice

    Identify the potential threats that could compromise security and functionality of IoT devices

  • Identify and exploit vulnerabilities within the mobile app environment, which includes the app itself, the device it runs on, and its interactions with web services and APIs.

  • Server room abstract image

    Discover the security flaws and vulnerabilities in your system before they are exploited by malevolent parties

  • Protect critical infrastructure and industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber threats that could disrupt operational processes, compromise safety, or cause environmental damage.

  • CCTV Camera installed at business

    Meticulously examine the effectiveness of your company's physical security measures

  • Businessman uses Teams where the vulnerability was found

    Collaborative security assessment that combines the efforts of the Red Team (offensive) and Blue Team (defensive) to evaluate and improve your security defences.

  • Penetration Testing with Bramfitt Technology Labs

    Proactive and comprehensive security assessment approach that simulates real-world attacks on your systems, processes, or infrastructure

  • Attacks tests if individuals can be tricked into revealing sensitive information or credentials that could compromise your organisation’s security

  • Scan, analyse, and identify security flaws that could be exploited by malicious actors