Application Security

What is it?

Application security is a set of skills and tools to make your application more secure by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities – before the attackers can exploit them.


Nine out of ten web applications have security flaws that can be exploited by malicious hackers, and developers face a rapidly evolving threat landscape thanks to the constant discovery of new vulnerabilities and the development of AI hacking tools.

Application security starts with an understanding of your business and its risk context to create protective policies, procedures and culture for application development

Security is often seen as the brakes on a business, but this need not be the case. Like the brakes on a car which ultimately allow you to go faster (in the knowledge that you can stop when you need to), integrated security is a business enabler.

An application security programme enhances the security posture of your organisation by establishing standards and benchmarks, setting objectives and timeframes, and creating policies and procedures to guide DevOps – giving you the confidence to speed ahead safely and securely.

Every application development project will come up against security constraints at some point. You can face it early or late, but leaving it to the end will be expensive and disruptive and ultimately wastes more time than it saves.

And going to market with an insecure application can lead to financial losses for you and your customers, damage to your brand reputation, legal or contractual liabilities and regulatory fines.

By developing and following an application security programme, organisations are ensuring they integrate security from day one. No more patching over vulnerabilities at the end of a project – but ensuring vulnerabilities are flushed out at every stage including design, development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance.

Investing in application security not only minimises vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of loss, but can also be a mitigating factor when it comes to liability and regulatory action.

Designing security is about understanding business risk, something Bramfitt gets because of our experience working with leading brands.

When we partner with you, we start by understanding the business, identifying key risks and defining criticality. We recognise the balance between business, risk and security. Not everything is a tier three vulnerability – so we focus on carefully grading and agreeing with you the level of risk that is appropriate to each part of your business and then designing the right security for you, from the ground up.

This relentless focus on security by design saves you time and money in the long run by ensuring that security is baked into the architecture of your applications from concept and design to development and deployment.

And, unlike some other consultancies, we’re very hands-on which means we don’t just generate reports and recommend security standards but also write code, run tests and partner with you in a tailored approach that fits in with how your team works.

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