IoT/OT Security

Reducing the attack surface of all your internet connected devices

Accessing artificial weaknesses

Associated risks not only originate through technological progress, but also from increased human integration and reliance on those people to be security conscious. DevOps and security teams need to think for the masses and prevent exploitation by proactive AppSec intervention.  

Worryingly, IoT security has taken a backseat to product launches due to its emerging nature and organsations wanting to reap profitable benefits before their competition or market saturation.

Protecting integrity and identity

Enabling sufficient AppSec processes from development and effectively testing legacy assets will enable the safe transfer of data between connected devices and things to ensure the longevity of end-to-end security and product lifecycle. 

  • Build security into the development cycle
  • Secure upgrades, updates and patches
  • Perform static and dynamic testing 
  • Invest in penetration testing
  • Standardised auditing, reporting and mitigation


IoT security is a shared responsibility of the developer, service provider and end user. Bramfitt has verified approaches to ensure a safe environment for all parties. 

Fend off cyber assailants with our IoT security

Bramfitt has vast experience in AppSec pentesting and embedded security with IoT and OT devices on a large scale from industrial control systems (ICS) to home smart devices. Using sophisticated techniques and investigative insight to probe hardware, firmware and connectivity we can support your enterprise to create a core security culture that will fend off cyber assailants and prevent attack vectors abuse. 

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