App Pentest

Identify application vulnerabilities, before someone else does

Finding weaknesses

Whilst security can be embedded into the core of new applications, legacy software is at greater risk of exploitation. Pentesting is essential to identifying vulnerabilities in the system that could have arisen from a new patch fixing an existing issue.

Aside from web applications and software, the psychological and susceptible vulnerabilities of employees present risks associated with social engineering due to a lack of cyber resilience and security training.

Exposing the weakest links

Bramfitt pentesters will perform vital security analysis on the critical components within an application and its supporting infrastructure: 

  • Penetration testing by humans
  • Software testing
  • Web application testing
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Vulnerability scanning


The results will be interpreted and appropriate resolutions implemented that are specific to the technologies being used. A combination of quick wins, urgent remedial work and recommended embedded AppSec investment will help to disperse uncertainty around risk.

App Pentests experts

Bramfitt experts have a collective knowledge that has been acquired from years of experience of testing, reporting, developing and fixing application and infrastructure liabilities. Our systems are comprehensive and structured to produce meaningful results that get to the core of threat landscapes within complex large enterprise organisations.

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